• Insights of Unite 2017
    Insights of Unite 2017
    On April 20 2017, there were more than 1000 shopify partners from all over the world came to attend the shopify unite in San Fransisco: a two-day event to discuss all things Shopify, commerce, and technology. Shopify continues to innovate for both for large volume and mid sized merchants. Even though there was a power outage, presentations were held.
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  • Future Of eCommerce:Unite 2017
    Future Of eCommerce:Unite 2017
    The Shopify Unite 2017 Conference was held recently in San Francisco where the Shopify management and developers came together to discuss the future of the platform. The conference was a tremendous success, not only in terms of the creativity and the commitment on show. But also because several announcements were made that are set to change the eCommerce landscape for good.
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  • Digital Commerce
    Digital Commerce
    D- commerce is a type of e-commerce used by organization that deliver products online. It is considered as e-commerce, but it deals with exchange of electronic goods. Customers start an account with a digital commercial company and can purchase text and content from publishers, but they only have to relay their financial information once. This makes for a more secure online environment.
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